He Doesn’t Want To Take Care Of Her.


Good afternoon Aunty Abena, may God richly bless you and your fans for the wonderful things you are doing. Aunty please I want you and mano fans to help me. I dated a guy, through our preparations for marriage and I got pregnant, as soon as he noticed it I became his enemy and everything concerning him too was lies.

Aunty, I passed through a lot but I stood firm to overcome every pain. I was then having this male friend of mine, I was able to tell him everything and he became so close to me throughout my pregnancy.

After delivery this guy wanted us to date but I didn’t give him the chance, I told my sister and she was like, he’s different so why don’t I give him a try. I wasn’t ready for a relationship because I was still hurt. This guy was there to provide for my child and I, I thought of it that I don’t love him and I can’t continue to depend on him. He told me he’s not doing all because of me but my baby.

Fast forward, I decided to travel outside and work so I can take care of myself and the baby, it was a successful journey. As I came I thought of telling him about my feelings but I paused to check things again. I told this guy to have a girlfriend in case he wants to but he promised to wait for me. Less than a week later, I had a call from a lady telling me that the guy has impregnated her, I was like woow. This guy has refused to take care of her because he claims he has a girlfriend and a child somewhere.

I spoke with him to do his best for her because I know how it feels during this period. Aunty, this guy never did so I stopped him from seeing my child because if you can’t take care of your own blood how much more mine, and he’ll do same to me if I was the one.

Aunty could you believe that this lady is in her 7th month but he has not bothered to give her a dime to buy even a pin????????hmmm I wish to help her but I’ve not been paid for the past 4months due to covid-19. Please can you help me ask your fans if any of them has baby clothes and petty things which is needed at the hospital to help this lady for me please. I gave my baby’s things out before leaving. Please I’m ever ready to give you the number she calls me on, since she’s not having her own phone to verify. God bless you all.

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