He Comes To Me For Help And Other Stuff But He Doesn’t Want To Do Same For Me.


Anonymous please.Thank you for posting, this is going to be a little long manofans, sorry for that.
So I have a baby daddy and things have been a lil to and fro between us, when things became a bit stabilized( Just hanging in there to see how it goes, not officially together again). I agreed on giving him a loan to purchase a machine which he’s supposed to pay in installments: 1000ghs, which was to kick start March ending, which hasn’t come yet. Maybe still on the way can’t tell.

I open heartedly help as and when I can because I hate to be in a position where I can help but a close friend will keep lamenting about an issue then I will turn a blind eye. In recent times, been having some financial difficulties cos of some investment I did. Then I suggested to him (baby daddy) that he should at least give me some coins when moon dies cos I need some support financially.

Only for him to ask me that, “Support me financially as his what?” Because he ain’t ready to spend on a lady that ain’t his wife. And actually there are ladies around but he’s not dating them cos of that.

Asem wei ashe me, ashe me saaa…
Is it that I really had no right to say that to him or I am just an idiot who he thinks he can get free shagging and financial assistance from that’s why he’s still around?????
Please I need advice.

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