He Claims I’m Being Insensitive Because Of Sex.

Dear Aunt Abena,

Auntie Abena pls post this for me anonymously.

I’ve been dating this guy for two years now. When I was posted for national service, I didn’t want to stay with my brother just so he can visit anytime. But I wasn’t having enough money to rent. I actually have a supportive family but in this situation they were all vying for me to stay at my brother’s since it was just for a year.

But nkɔdaa bɔne sɛm nti, I wanted to be alone. So, I asked my Uncle for 400 cedis and took a 300 cedis loan from a friend for my rent but it wasn’t enough. I asked my bf to help me with 300cedis. (My brother decided to buy me everything else I would need whilst staying alone.

My guy was being hesitant with the money so I asked him to loan it to me so I’ll pay later from the cash I’ll be getting from my Family. But he refused and since I wasn’t getting any money from anywhere I gave my friend back the money I loaned and stayed with my bro like that.

In the course of service I had a chance to visit him once when my bro was away. Now this guy says he misses me and wants to come over every weekend. He knows my bro goes away on weekends and want to use that time to visit, but Aunt I don’t want to do anything that’ll make my bro disapointed in me.

If this guy visits we’ll surely have sex and I really do not want to do that in my brothers house. It’s for this reason I wanted to stay alone so he could visit. Now he’s claiming I’m being insensitive and preventing him from visiting because of the money he didn’t give me.

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