He Claims He Did What He Did Because We Weren’t Having Enough Sex.


Abena good evening, pls hide my identity . I have been dating a guy for a year now. Recently I got to find out that he has been chatting with two different ladies. Proposing love to them to the extent of buying them food at work.

I screenshot all the chats to my phone and deleted it from his phone. I confronted him with one of them their chats but he claims he wasn’t the one chatting her. He said its his male friend bi who normally comes to his workplace who uses his phone to chat the lady.

So he called his friend and his friend confirmed he was the chatting the lady. But what surprises me is the chat isn’t one day chat, it has been consistent. He still claims its not him.

So some weeks later, I also confronted him with the second lady’s chat and he denied it too claiming its the lady who had been using his phone to chat herself. Then after that she screenshot the chat and send it to her co worker just to make the other lady jealous.

So the trust I have for him reduced. I hacked his WhatsApp just to be sure whether what he has been telling me is true. To my surprise he was proposing to a different lady but now when he chats he deletes it.

When I confronted him for the 3rd time he said because I wasn’t giving him enough sex so he told his friends and they gave him an advice that he should have sex outside. He apologized for what he did and he gave me something to please me.

It seems the trust I have in him is no more.
I don’t know whether to continue the relationship or quit. Pls I need advice.

And my question is since we aren’t married yet, am I obliged to give in to sex anytime my boyfriend asks for it and should it be a reason for him to cheat?

Pls post it for me I will be reading your fans comments.

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