He Cancelled His Wedding because of Me


Good morning Aunty Abeba. Please I need advice. I don’t want to be the reason for another woman’s tears but…..

This guy and I met in 2011. We stayed together for years. He is handsome and calm so ladies were always around him. Due to my fear of losing him, I asked for a break-up when he got into Uni. He kept coming back but my fear wouldn’t allow me enjoy his love.

Finally I accepted to gl back to him after he tried for 3 years. He was happy I finally but accepted him but he was then in a relationship with someone else. I backed out when I found out but he wouldn’t let me be. When he realized I wasn’t backing out, he intentionally set his girlfriend up and got them to break up.

The lady called me. We spoke like ladies and the best way was for me to get out of town so she can have him. But he kept in touch, always saying it’s me he want. I changed my number because of him and it’s been 3 years.

I learnt he kept looking for me but a friend gave out my new number to him. He called and we talked. He’s now back in my life saying we should start all over

This time he had a fiancee of which he kept postponing their wedding whiles looking for me. I spoke with some people whom I really their views to dissect this matter for me. They told to accept him maybe he is mine (besides I haven’t been lucky with love and relationship aside him)

The big issue is he’s cancelled the wedding to his fiancee and I’m so feeling guilty over it. I’ve been heart broken before and I know how it feels hmm. I came across their chat and how the lady was begging and crying not to leave her. It just broke my heart for ner.

Now she has been admitted at the hospital and it’s so sad.
I feel her pain but I don’t know what to do because as at now I have set up a business here in the capital so I can’t relocate. Please house what should I do? I need help. I’m causing her so much pain and I know but I can’t help it.


Written by Abena Magis

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