He Asked Me To Come Home.


Aunty please post dis for me and keep me anonymous.

I want to share my experience here. I went to the village wid my mum for sometime. A man who is my mom’s friend came for a visit. This man saw me and offered to help me. Noone asked him to do it… He will be like 60years. I respected him lyk a fada ?but after talking to my mum, he told me to escort him outside.

Aunty Abena, this man pressed my breast hard err I even thought it will burst n asked me to come home for money. I’m a shy type so after he pressed my breast, I was shy, I didn’t say anything to him. He asked me to come n visit him n take money cos he will b traveling bck de next day.

I refused n he got angry n I never saw him again. I told my frnds abt it, and they were like “I’m mad I should hv gone to his house” it looks lyk in dat village, dah man is the fish der.

My question is why can’t men help people , without taking advantage of them?

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