Has My Friend Cursed Me?


I don’t know if I have been cursed by my friend. We used to be very good friends when we were in SHS until her guy deceived me. They were dating while we were in shs. After completion, one-day she used this guy picture at her dp. I saw and was like, “wooow. This your boyfriend is handsome!” My friend was like, “do you want his contact?” and I said yes. That is how I got his contact.

One day I whatsapped him and introduced myself as soso and so’s friend. He said okay, and I was like I want to be your friend and nothing much. Honestly when we started chatting everyday, I didn’t have any bad intention to snatch my friend’s boyfriend until he showed interest in me one-day. I was like, “no. You are my friend’s boyfriend nti no. He convinced me to the extend that I didn’t think twice about saying yes.

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We started dating and he told me that, “your friend isn’t my girlfriend anymore and you koraa she is not your sis so what makes it news?” Hmmm. We dated for six months until I found on my own that truly he was still dating my friend. mmmm. I was just 18 years old at that time nti I was naive.

One day, he used my picture as his dp and that was when my friend found he was dating me too. She called me and begged me to leave him for her. She said he can date any girl but will never agree for him to date me so I should and go look for mine. I quickly called this guy and told him what just happened and he was like I shouldn’t leave him na he loves. Hmmm na me nso ne dɔ no nti (because of his love), we didn’t stop dating. My friend was always calling me to leave her boyfriend but I wasn’t interested.

One and a half years later, we were having revival at our church (Pentecost. No fake prophesy) I was in church when the guest pastor called me out and was like, “you have snatched your friend’s boyfriend and she says she’ll never agree for you guys to date.” Then he my friend has done something against me nti i should leave the guy otherwise it’ll affect me.

Hmmm ena me gyimie (I foolishly) went and told this guy about what happened in church that day. Auntie this guy went and told my friend that I said she has cursed me and wants to kill me nti we should stop dating. That’s what he used to get back together with her again. They’re still dating up to now but since that relationship ended between me and this guy, I have never known peace. I had an accident in which I nearly lost my life. Since then, any guy who comes my way will either be someone’s husband or a guy who is not serious about me. He will deceive me and after having sex with me then they go their way.

Auntie Abena, please help me because I am really suffering. I have never been truly loved by any guy since then and will be happy if you can get me to a man of God who will pray for me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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