Has He Infected Me with HIV?


I want your doctors and nurses advice on this one. About 2 to 3 years ago, I went out with a guy after my broken heart but the relationship didn’t work. We lost contact but along the line, this guy came to chat me on Fb telling me that he still liked me and a lot. I didn’t mind him though because I was interested in another man. This guy in question had a baby mama and having another serious girl, I just wasn’t interested because I couldn’t compete.

Now the main story is, he recently added me back on Snapchat and we got talking. He told me he’s married to his then girlfriend and they now have a baby girl (so now he has 2 children). We were vibing quite well but Auntie I have always had the feeling that this guy might have HIV. Yes, because he is too skinny. He has money but he can’t even become big. He sent me his picture and he is still slim, like more slim than before. Somehow my feeling of him having HIV went high.

Since we were vibing so well I mustered the courage and asked him if he had the sickness because I have always suspected he did. I told him that if he had it, he should let me know so I go for checkup and begin treatment.
Auntie this guy got angry and took a screenshot of the chat I was chatting him on Snapchat. He got angry and asked me not to chat him again and blocked me.

Ok I had his number in our previous chats so I decided to call him and when he heard my voice, he ended the call and blocked me again. I used a male friend’s phone to call him, it went through and he picked up to talk to the guy but the moment I took the phone to talk to him, he told me he wanted nothing to do with me. That I should also pretend that I have never met him before. Then he ended the call.

Auntie now I am scared. What if my feeling is true? Meaning I might be infected for 2 to 3 years now. I want to go for check up but I am afraid of stigmatization. I want to ask the nurses and doctors here if I am really affected, by now has it done that much damage and can I take medicine to reduce the virus so I won’t infect someone? I want to know if the medicine is expensive?

Since I am working will the medicine make me weak in case I have to stop working? If my calculations is right and he has it then I might be infected for 2 to 3 years now. How much damage could this be to my health?
Please I need help.
Sorry if I made an error I’m just terrified.
I’m confused and I am scared.

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Written by Abena Magis

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