Going Cold on My Boyfriend


I would like to address a story I read earlier concerning a girlfriend acting cold towards her boyfriend. I’m the girl involved please.

Auntie Abena, my boyfriend is so caring that I sometimes feel it’s an obsession. I personally don’t have any serious problem with him but he’s just making me lose interest in our relationship. He complains about everything and likes forcing me to do things (not sexually related) that stresses me.

An example is, about a week ago I don’t know what really happened but he started complaining about me not vibing with him like I used to. This is someone I call early in the morning whenever I wake up and the last person I mostly talk to before I go to bed. He just brings issues up out of nothing and will talk plenty for about an hour stressing on just one issue I know nothing about which is really choking.

Recently before I reported to school, my hostel fee was not ready so I was finding ways to get a loan from friends/family members which I didn’t want him to know because he’s not working. Hence, he won’t get such an amount personally. He called to ask why I hafldn’t left for school yet and that’s when I mustered courage to tell him because I didn’t like the idea of staying home another day. He sent me some part of his fees for me to pay back if my dad sends it.

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Auntie Abena, after some days my guy started complaining about something I knew nothing about. He could talk for over 30 mins and I’ll just be on the phone listening without saying a word because if I should talk he’ll tell me I don’t respect. If I should keep quiet too he’ll say I don’t care about him like he does. Eiih lol.

He later decided to come over for a visit to my hostel saying that he needs help about something. I wanted to know what help he needed so that we talk about it on phone in order for him to not waste money. I asked him but he didn’t want to tell me so I told him not to come because I’m really occupied this semester. I also knew he would come to complain, restraining my movement and stuff.

He called me later in the evening telling me I’m ungrateful and I don’t pity him hmmm a whole lot but I still kept quiet. I managed to pressure my dad to send money so I could give him back his money for me so that I can have my peace of mind because I didn’t really know what was going on.

Before that I borrowed money from MTN to pay part of what I was owing him which he called saying I don’t respect him by sending that amount. What did I do wrong Auntie?

Immediately I saw my dad’s momo alert I just sent the rest of the money then he said “thank you” and that I might think it’s because of the money that’s why he’s doing that bla bla bla. He came anyway to talk plenty as usual asking of my opinion in the relationship and I told him I have nothing to say.

Auntie Abena, I’ve been doing some mini business both at school and home in order not to be a burden on anyone but things are not really working on my side but I’m still trying my best. I have a lot to take care of so stress from a boyfriend is something I don’t want to experience. He’s aware of all the challenges I’m facing too

Sorry for the long post but what will other ladies who have been in my position before advice me to do? I need their experience please.

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Written by Abena Magis

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