“Gang Raping” was a Planned Thing


This is an anonymous account to avoid being identified because I want to put some info out which I don’t want my identity out. It’s to help ladies out there.

Before I go into this, you should know that just as there are good guys out there, there are equally bad guys out there and you’ll never know how good or bad that person is until it may be too late. Being vigilant is key.


Take note of this my dear woman reading this: it doesn’t matter your age, social status, marital status but any man can target you. Nowadays, guys don’t do it alone. The first thing they always do is to become your friend or tell you a story to make you sympathetic.

1 So many girls don’t know they’ve been targeted. If you’re not popular online, no guy will be interested in you. If you’re the lively, very friendly type and one with opinions online in your posts or under comments, guys will target you.

2 Guys hack accounts of popular, beautiful girls to get more information about them. Whites are getting more smarter in demanding nudes from their so called girlfriends in Ghana. Gamers use apps that mimick people eg: there are apps you can use to make it like Cardi B is telling you to share her page and be paid dollars. Fake ????. But you can’t use that app to get nudes. So even if you use an app to pretend to be someone, you’ll still have to force and get their nudes somewhere. That’s where the hacking comes. So many ladies accounts have been hacked but unless the hacker blocks your contacts or starts interacting with people, they wouldn’t know. And these hackers will have access to their photos, messages etc.

3. There are guys who chat girls on behalf of game boys. A gamer can tell someone to chat up 10 girls for him and pay him GHS500 to GHS1000. These guys will create accounts using the game boys’ dps and chat up girls. The trick will be getting you to visit the gamer within a week. It’s either to sleep with you and take your nudes whiles you’re asleep or use you for money rituals (some rituals only require the liquid from the vagina, others require blood ie menses or by killing you). After you visit the gamer, the account will be deactivated or deleted and a new one with a new name created.

4. You’re one out of different girls they’re chatting with. If you don’t accept, they can’t force you and will get another girl but they’ll still try and do anything they can to get you. These guys get angry when you tell them to meet you in a public place when meeting for the first time. Please, is it wrong to meet someone you haven’t met for the first time in public? No please. But they’ll make you feel bad for suggesting it.

5. They use sexting to test you. A guy who truly wants to date you shouldn’t rush into talking about sex on the first day or month. If your first meeting is to have sex then he’s just in for sex no matter what he says. Maybe he’s telling you he wants to marry you but is already asking for nudes and planning sex with you. If you don’t give in, they’ll respect you silently but try to make you feel bad. Don’t send it.

NB: if a guy you’ve never met before (whether you’ve chatted for a 1 day or 1 year) asks for nudes, don’t send it. They’ll post it on porn sites or send to their “lovers” to make dollars. You’ll marry one day and your nudes will be leaked all over.

6 A lot of guys target girls who are already dating or married. A guy can track you for weeks using your posts and comments to know if you’re single or dating. If you’re dating, maybe your guy isn’t giving you attention, money or gifts. He’ll read you and start chatting with you. When he knows you lack attention and money, he’ll start working on you. Within a few days or weeks, you’ll allow him to sleep with you. After the sex, either he’ll ghost you right away or slowly use work as an excuse.

7 Those girls who are raped, not all of them tell their stories. There are so many rape victims who don’t come out. It’s because they don’t want to be disgraced. Guys target such ladies because they know educated girls with their own jobs and already married or in a relationship won’t like to come out about being raped. He gets free sex and doesn’t care what you feel.

8 Gamers work in teams and back pass girls. Some girls on social media have slept with a group of friends and either they know or they don’t. The guys sleep with the girl, ghost her and send her details to another guy to chat her. Most of these guys don’t pay. She’ll be using her own money for the rounds to visit any of these “boyfriends” and they’ll all sleep with her, ghost and do backpass.

9. Gamers with HIV target anyone they can get. There are a lot of women infected with HIV and what have you but don’t know. Guys with infections always insist on raw. By the time she realizes, it’ll be too late.

10. Gamers need blood or souls for rituals. Women are easy targets because they love money. Post a car on your dp or picture holding cash and they’ll run into your dm, begging to meet you. That’s how I used to get girls to sleep with. I would post random pics of myself in Kempenski, Royal Senchi, Lou Moon, etc holding dollars and I could get any woman I wanted. When e source, I just passed them to any of my friends.

I did this for some years until one of my friends went to pick up a girl from Central Univ. He was driving her and they had an accident. There were 2 other guys in the car. Nobody got hurt, not even a scratch but the girl seated at the back o died from multiple cuts. I suspected they killed her in the car and harvested her before claiming car crash. Some pretty girl bi so I changed immediately from that fake life and trying to change things around me.

I try to advice ladies but odeeshi they don’t care. Maybe through your platform some girl somewhere will be saved.

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Written by Abena Magis

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