Fertility Tips from Reindorf


We can talk about something that’s of great importance to me and it’s on the rise: infertility. I won’t go into detail but I just want to give a few tips in preventing preventable and avoidable infertility with lifestyle. The people that I’ve come across having infertility are about 10:3 persons.

–I’ll advise that we stop taking too many emergency contraceptives. It has been one of the major causes of infertility in women these days.

— Avoid multiple partners. STI has been on the rise and frequent contractions cause several problems to the Reproductive system including blockage of the fallopian tubes and weak sperms and low sperm count.

— Personal hygiene: most men and women don’t take this part seriously. it’s not advisable to wear underwear for more than a day. Frequently change underwear, shave your pubic hairs, and bath, not less than twice a day.

— Avoid abortions. Abortion can cause havoc to the reproductive system as well. I will entreat you to use condoms when not ready to have children. But if you get pregnant, kindly avoid abortion, being criminal, or supervised.

–Diet: Kindly avoid high cholesterol meals (junk food and et al). Eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals ie tuna, salmon, veggies, fruits. There should be more veggies and fruits than carbohydrates. Veggies should be 50% of the meal, fruits: 15%, meat: 15%, carbo: 20%.

–Exercise: we need to walk not less than 6000 steps a day. It should be part and parcel of our lives. Avoid cars for short distances.

–Take in lots of water: water transports the minerals the body needs and lubricates our joints and other tissues.

— Avoid self-medication. Kindly seek your doctor’s advice on any medication you want to take. Visit the hospital when not feeling well, then go to the pharmacy.

— Have at least a gynecology check-up once a year. Include pap smear in your tests. Few tips for today. Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis

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