My Rape Story – a Family Member Raped Me


Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for everyone on your platform. I want to share my rape story.  My parents are overprotective so I have never ever disclosed this to them. NB; I’m a guy now in my early 20’s.

It all started when I was as little as nine (around 7-9 years). A family member who came to stay with us lured me into having sex with her. Hmm, I was young so I didn’t know that I was being raped. Auntie Abena, she was older than me but had sex with me almost every day. Like every day she would be teaching me new styles and stuff.

She also introduced me to porn at that same age oh. Hmmm. We used to have sex anytime no one was around. This went on and on and on for years. As I was getting older, I started watching a lot of aggressive porn. This started affecting me someway somehow. I could watch porn for hours until I get blue balls (NB: I was then around 13 years). We were still having sex but, because I was older it included oral sex like (cunnilingus and fellatio).

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One day, we were having sex when all of a sudden I felt some kind of sweetness and vibration for some seconds. I pulled out immediately. She told me that I had started developing sperms so we could no longer have sex again. Okay.
Days passed by. She became seriously sick and was rushed to the hospital. That was when I started to shake and thought I had gotten an older person pregnant. The results came and we realized it was just a fever. I was a bit relieved and swore never to have sex again. After some time, she left for her old place and we never came into contact again.

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Auntie Abena now at that age I had become a serious sex and porn addict at the same time oh eh. Since I swore never to have sex again, I started to watch porn to the fullest. I could watch porn right after I come back from school. I started to become abusive due to the strong content I was watching.
Any girl who was in my class had issues with me because the least thing they did, I’d beat them mercilessly. I hardly beat boys, just girls. I started to hate girls so much that my parents had to take me to a boys’ school or else I would be expelled. I gained admission into a boys’ school and now my urge for sex and porn grew stronger.
Anytime I slept and woke up, I released so much sperm and had to clean up before anyone saw me. It got worse that I had to send my phone to school just to work porn and get satisfied. Throughout my stay in school, I sent a phone to school just to watch porn so the three years were due and I came back home. I still watch porn to date to the extent that I masturbate. Some girls have shown interest in me but I still don’t give in to them knowing what I am going through. They are just going to suffer in my hands.
Till now I still say No to sex but the masturbation is like getting serious. Now I do it almost the whole day if I am free. I have tried to quit so many times but any time sex crosses my mind then I go back to it. I still don’t like girls, neither am I gay oh eh.
I will be reading comments so kindly tell your fans to be nice. I’m depressed please.

Written by Abena Magis

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One Comment

  1. Hmmmmmmmmm
    This is sooo me
    Even yesterday I masturbated????????‍♂️????????‍♂️
    I am a porn addict buh like women and nice to them
    I have had girls upon girl who really liked me I only had sex with few younger ones who had no much experience in sex cos Of my Quick ejaculation and I always give this excuse to older ones that am not interested in sex now

    Porn and Masturbating has affected me alot and also need an advice how to get rid of it
    And get rid of this quick ejaculation thing
    Am just 23 ????????????????????..

    Sorry bro for this
    It’s well with us
    We will overcome
    It wasn’t our will it came accidentally and will leave accidentally soon

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