Does This Girl Really Love Me?


Thanks for the good work. I have a problem and I want you and your audience to help me out. I am a medical personnel doing my internship in one of the hospitals.

I came across this rotation nurse who I learned was newly posted to the facility. I had some few interactions with her and requested for her contact and asked her some questions about herself. She told me about herself but I don’t know whether its true or not.

The next day, she texted me that she needed money urgently to do something and that she will pay me back on a said date. I had some money in my Momo account so I forwarded it to her.

The next day, she texted me that she wasn’t feeling well so I advised her to go to hospital which she did. They prescribed some drugs for her to buy, but she told me she wasn’t having money.

That her dad, who is a pastor, had traveled outside the country so wasn’t using a phone, and her mom, a retired teacher, has switched off her line. At that time, the only money I had on me was what I was going to use to buy food but I sent it to her to buy the drugs. Now she is fine now.

Just yesterday I was having a chat with her and she made mention of her foodstuffs getting finished, I didn’t say anything. This morning around 5am she texted me that I should send her airtime. I haven’t proposed to her yet though I like her.

My first ever relationship really taught me a lesson. I nearly lost control of myself since then I haven’t entered into relationships again. I really like this girl but I don’t know if she is real or just in for her own benefit. I really like her and wanted to study her first but her actions are really getting me worried. Please I need advice from your fans on what to do am really getting confuse.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Please my advice to you is , just forget about her and move , such woman are not in for serious relationship. She just want to use u . Take ur time nd pray to God to bring in a good woman . I have been through the same ,

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