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Does My Ex Truly Love Me or He Just Wants Sex?

Hmm Auntie Abena kindly post for me so I can get feedbacks from your followers. I’m in my mind 20’s and I broke up with my 1st boyfriend of about 5 years on unjustifiable basis with most of the problem coming from me. I left him at the point where he needed me most. As a result he hated me.

Fast forward after entering a new relationship it was unfruitful. About 7 months later, a good friend showed interest in me, and we are currently dating. At a point I felt I still had feelings for my old guy (my 1st boyfriend) because he is a good man.

It’s been about a couple of years now since we broke up and I decided to call him and seek forgiveness since I was wrong at some point in time and leaving him unjustifiable. He is not dating at the moment. However, when I got in touch with him he was so bitter and full of rage because I left him. He just hated me but after about a couple of weeks talking back to back and constantly apologizing to him, he asked me to meet him.

All of a sudden he keeps requesting for sex and saying he wants us to get married.
As it stands now, I’m still talking to him and my new boyfriend as well which am not soo comfortable with. Could it be that my old boyfriend wants a revenge or perhaps he still loves me and wants us to start something again and get married?

If that’s the case, what do I do about my current boyfriend since I don’t really have issues with him? What do I Do? I’m confused.

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Written by Abena Magis

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