Does He Love Me?


Please I’m a fan of this platform and I want your fans to help me. Sorry for the long post. It’s actually longer than this but I’m making somehow short.

I have been in a relationship with this guy for six years now. We met at the university and he was ahead of me. Thus he graduated before me. When he started with his national service, I was still in school. He would sometimes visit me and I also visited him sometimes. Distance has been our biggest problem since then.

He was actually living with another girl in the same room. A girl who had not even completed SHS. Whenever I visited, she would moved out before I came, meaning she knew about me but I didn’t know she even existed.

He finally got a permanent job after service so he moved to another place. I also graduated, finished my service and started working. He visited me but later told me he had to leave because he had an important work to do at where he lived.

Not knowing he was going to see the girl where they had rented a place together. I struggled to pay for my rent when I got appointment without his help, because I thought he was having financial challenges.

There was a little misunderstanding between us before he left my place which almost led to a breakup from his part but I didn’t accept it. I called his phone that night and the girl answered it (She’d finished SHS by then). She knew about our misunderstanding and was even the one who was even chatting me with his phone, hmmm.

We spoke at length and she told me that they had been in a relationship for two and half years while we had been together for 5 years (proper fraction) by then. She added that the guy had told he didn’t like ladies who had had tertiary education because they know their rights and I’m one of them. (The way I’m down to earth to him erh, just that he feels he can’t control me. The question is why should he control me)?

I confronted him over this issue and he claimed to have broken up with this girl. Anuanom (my brethren) the girl’s parents were even aware of them oo while he had not even been to my house before. I caught them again after some months and he claimed he did that because he saw some guys in my dm (messenger) which I wasn’t even replying mpo. Facebook guys please leave us alone wai

Now to the business of the day. My parents want me to further my education ie do my masters. My guy has a degree and is not ready to further but that’s not a problem for me. Now he has started complaining that my qualifications will be higher than his and so my parents may not accept us being together (who checks qualifications in marriage).

I have tried talking to him but he is pretending to be okay while he’s not. I can’t also stop my education because of him. I like school paa so masters won’t even be my last stop. Recently, the same girl posted him on Facebook with sweet captions and the fans in the comment section…

I confronted him and he still said they’re no longer together. He was even trying to give evidence with their chats and that he doesn’t know why the girl is doing that. Since then, he’s been different towards me. Aside this girl, the number of girls he’s cheated on me with…, we can’t count. The girl he’s claiming to have dumped has even fought with some before but as for me, I will never fight.

I’m confused. Is it that he doesn’t love me? As for me, I love him. His friend is on this page so while addressing me, advice him too. Thank you ????

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Lol this is so funny but the girl shud move on with her education because a guy who has been cheating for so long ll never change. I’m a victim. It takes only CHRIST to stop it. I was one of these guys and I really loved my girl but couldn’t stop cheating on her and she also really love me so badly and she was very innocent . I see myself dat wat I’m doing is wrong buh couldn’t stop cheating until I gave myself to Christ which stopped me. That why he’s with another gal who even understand he is cheating her and can even chat u but he’s still cheating on dat gal too.. The best thing to do is to introduce him to Christ. Without it he ll never change, not even at his old age he ll still cheat and take young gals. I know wat I’m saying.
    One day he ll come and apologize to u and wen he does don’t listen cos even if u accept him back he ll still cheat except Christ intervene.

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