Do My Parents Have the Right to Restrict Me?


Please help me with an answer to this question. Is it right for your parents to dictate for you what to do in your relationship? I’m a gal of 24years and have been dating my guy for some months now.

He has come to see my parents (that’s my auntie and her husband because I’ve stayed with them since childhood) so they know him. Auntie Abena, he normally comes to visit me but when he wants to take me out on a date, my parents always refuse. They’re saying that he can only come and tell me whatever he wants to say at home.

I live in a rented room, that is a single room, with them and their four children. They’re saying he can come and talk to me at home but he can’t take me out. I feel they are restricting us too much and I don’t like that. Please what should I do? Sometimes he wants us to go out and have some fun but my parents always refuse. What do I do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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