DNA Testing, a Family Tradition


You see this issues about DNA testing hmmm. In my family all the males have to do a DNA test on all of their children as it’s become a family tradition and this is why.

In 2009, my uncle had the chance to travel so he was in and out of the country to work and also further his masters degree.
He then had a girlfriend while he was in university at Legon before travelling.

Well she got pregnant and honestly my uncle was ready and happy to hear of it so he made papers for her to join him in America. She gave birth to twins and we were all happy. 3 years later, they had an argument over marriage because my was insisting that my Dad should go for the list on his behalf but the girl said no she is not ready for marriage now.

During an exchange of words, she dropped the bomb, “you are not the father of my twins!” My uncle did the DNA test and it was true that he is not the father. However, due to the child support system in America, my uncle still has to pay for the expenses of the children who are not his.

As we speak today, the girl is now married to the real dad of the twins. He was one of those December borgas who come down to chop our girls falaa during the Christmas period. But my uncle is still paying child support for the children.

Things became difficult for him so he had to work two jobs so that he could continue paying. If he doesn’t pay he will go to prison.

Since then it has become a family tradition that everyone must do a DNA test on their children.

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Written by Abena Magis

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