Did My Sister Scam Me?


I have been following you and I love what you are doing.

I am a public servant who got married last year. Within this one year I gave birth to my first born. My mother came to live with us for sometime to help with the baby. My elder sister who is a single mother came to visit us around that time.

Whiles talking about family life etc, she mentioned that there was a piece of land she was building on. She asked if I was interested in buying a half plot which was going for 4000 cedis. She said I could pay half of that amount and pay the rest later.

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I became interested and informed my husband but he told me we should take our time. He wanted us to do things step by step because we’d just been blessed with a baby. I decided to forget about buying the land.

A few days later. my mom asked me about the land to see if I would buy it. I told her that we weren’t ready to buy it now. My sister called again that the land owner will sell the land if I don’t hurry up. I told her that my husband wasn’t interested. She however went ahead to convince him. He later told me he was interested but didn’t have the half payment she was demanding.

I had that amount so we used that to the buy the land. After a month, my sister called again putting pressure on us to start work on the land. We weren’t ready financially but she put so much pressure on us that we sent our mason to start the foundation.

We were done with the profiling and about to start the foundation when the problem started. Someone started a project on that same land so I told the mason to stop. We decided to quickly work on the papers for the land to avoid any future issues. To our surprise, the landlord refused to sign it, saying he can give us another land. Obviously, he’d lied about the first one and sold it to two people.

I informed my sister but she sounded unconcerned. She defended herself by saying that she told us to start working on the land but we were the ones who delayed. I feel like my sister connived with the land owner because when we made the payment for the land, she took her commission right in front of us.

After promising to give us another land, the man is refusing to pick our calls. My sister (half sister actually) is also refusing to pick our calls. What do we do about this situation since we’ve paid? Please I want your panel to help me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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