Did I Make a Blood Covenant with a Ghost?


I dated a lady for 5 years and even made a blood covenant never to leave her. I’m a photographer and my kind of work made me meet different women which made her feel insecured and I made us do a blood covenant to prove my love to her.

She was living alone but because after dating she started spending every night after work with me, I made her move in and we lived like husband and wife. She was sweet and always ready to do what will make me happy.

My only problem with her was she didn’t want to introduce me to any family though I knew some of her friends. Anytime I complained, she’ll tell me to exercise patience because her parents are too strict and she wants to talk to them when she’s sure about me.

This created so many disputes between us. Because I’m the type of person who hates to make my woman unhappy, I’ll stop but after 5 years of dating, I became very insistent that I wanted to meet her family.

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Fast forward, a friend sent me a picture of 1997 Graphic and in the obituary was a lady looking like my woman but different name. My friend was telling me that people do look alike. Auntie, it was just like looking at her twin but it’s the name that was different and where she said she was from was different.

That evening, I didn’t accuse her or anything ooo. I just showed her the picture and told her that she had a twin from another mother but never knew. She became very cold, like “I’m fine” or “nothing” kind of cold. That night she cuddled against me and promised to always love me. The next day she left for work as usual and I haven’t seen her since.

She hasn’t checked in with any of her friends or come online. None has heard of her. It’s been just 6 weeks but my big bro says I shouldn’t be quick to jump to conclusions. That as a woman, it could be she was having hormonal imbalance which is why she became cold. That I would wait for her to get in touch.

Auntie Abena, don’t you think it’s strange? I’m scared she might be a ghost and feeling very worried about the blood covenant. A blood covenant with a Ghost, won’t it affect me in future if I am with a different woman?

I went to a police station to report that she’s missing and they said unless her family does so. I don’t know her family too. I still have a copy of the obituary and worried that if she’s really a Ghost, I will open their wound of loss again. What should I do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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