Did I Do Anything Wrong?


Good evening Auntie Abena, trust you are doing well.
So this is my story. I have known this guy roughly about 2 and half years. He is an Ewe. Before we started our relationship 7months ago, the first 6 months was a smooth one. No quarrels, no misunderstanding, communication was on point, he comes to me almost every weekend so I join him to his end.

On first 1st April, I noticed a change in his attitude towards me. But I thought it was one of those things men go through when having issues since he’s the quiet type. I just let everything flow like it used to be. The whole of this April, he keeps giving me excuses so I won’t be able to go his end. So this past weekend, since he told me his mother is around again, I called him in the morning to check up on him and I asked if he could give his mom the phone so I could greet her and he declined.

So I told him I have some stuff doing at home so when I’m done I will head to his place but to my surprise when I got there, there was no sign of his mom being around but he left the keys behind for me. I needed answers to his changed attitude so I had to wait cuz it looked like I knew what was coming.(break up) But I needed to confirm.

Sunday evening, he told me he doesn’t plan on spending the night at his place so I asked why and said there isn’t water so he prefers to go to his sister’s place to spend the night there and go to work from that end. Auntie Abena trust me, I felt all is not well so I locked the door and kept the keys that if he should give me reason, I would let him go. All he said was I should obey him.

Hmmm, so I demanded to know where our relationship is heading to, what the future holds for us but to my surprise he had no answer for me. So Monday morning I told him to tell me what’s on his mind about us and all he could say is that, for this whole month of April, when he tells me his mom is around I don’t trust him and because of that attitude, he doesn’t think things can work between us.

I didn’t say much tho but kept my cool. In as much as this hurts, I feel it’s all good cuz I was able to figure out what’s ahead of me. I have been seriously broken before I met him, but his news to me was just like a sip of wine.????? I know he hid something I need to know from me.

I’m grateful anyway cuz things would have been messy if he never told me what was on his mind. It would have been a waste of time on both sides. I just want to know if I went wrong a long the line.
Kindly conceal my identity ??

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