Dear Young Man or Woman, Believe In Yourself.


Abena good afternoon ooo. I’m using a different account because you know me and I’m very popular on your platform.

Abena my problem is….
Why are some gals disgracing womenhood and even thier boyfriends?
Why sacrifice your dignity for money?
Why cheat on your guy just because he’s broke?
What happened to being faithful to your partner?
What happened to working your ass off to make genuine money to feed your own self?

I got some females friends on Facebook and some are even very popular on your platform. They claim they’re all dating to the extent of posting their guys on their status all the time.

These gals go jump cum my dm and will be asking me for money. Because they haven’t eaten and hunger is killing them bla bla bla. Just today one of them came into my inbox asking for 20ghc for food. A very popular commentator on your platform ooo. I intentionally told her why ask for 20ghc when I can give you 300-500ghc for a night stand?(sex)

None of these gals rejected it. Note: edey happen all de time. We de chop them low key.

I asked myself where did being faithful to your partner go all wrong? See this gals all willing to offer thier body for money…
Abena, there’s one popular gal on your platform. I’m willing to send you her screenshot of her begging with her pu….sy. Knowing very well that she got a guy. And the guy too is popular for your page.

If the guy is not helping, break up with him. Get someone who is willing to cater for all your needs err? Do u know where I got my money from ? Yesterday, you shared a post about a lady using her sugar daddy and boyfriend for juju. Because of laziness, they are not working but rather going round sleeping with guys for just coins.

Why maintain a lifestyle when u can’t afford it? Do you know when your breakthrough will come and your past life will come hunting you ?
Young woman, you are worth more than any mans di…ck or money. Your dignity is your pride. Put some value on yourself.

Have you seen a poor man going to Trassaco to ask for a house?
Dream big, yes. But don’t sell yourself and destroy your tomorrow. May God bless every gal hustling genuinely to cater for herself. And may favour locate every faithful gal out there.

Young men, pls help your galfrnds out if you can and always encourage them to know that you will never leave them when yoy make it. Do you know the joy in spending your own hard earned money?
Young woman out there, there’s time for everything. Hold on to your dignity and very soon things will be fine and better.
may God bless us all.?

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Written by East@Edito468

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