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Dear Diary – Mr Koomson

Entry 1

I decided to open you today so you could help me keep this secret. Not that you can talk because if you could talk, I know you’d be rolling over in horniness.

At class today, the young new teaching assistant asked me to see him. He had been staring at me through out the lecture. I wasn’t uncomfortable at all because I knew what I had done. I knew as a lady I should learn how to sit in class especially when wearing a shirt skirt.

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Upon hearing Koomson was coming to teach us that day, I decided that it was time I tried out what most of the girls on campus had been talking about. I wore my favorite red G String which actually entered my pussy, dividing it into two touching the deeper side of my pussy especially hitting the amazing Clitoris.

I sat in front of the class just soo he could notice me which he did. Koomson couldn’t take his eyes off my in “between.” He could see right through my thighs straight to my pussy. I could see he was really trying to focus on his lecture but looking down to his dick side was something he could not hide. I could see his majestic dick peeping through his trousers. He was soo hard.

That was why I wasn’t shocked when he asked me to see him right after lectures. I had never been this close to a man, nor a girl but the hitch in my breath, or the tingles that pricked in the bottom of my stomach told me I was ready. A strong unsteady sensation washed over me, plummeting my heart into my stomach.

He opened his door for me after I had knocked three times. He looked at me and asked how could one be soo beautiful like this (flattering). I looked into his eyes without saying a word. He kissed me.

“We could get caught.” He warned.

“I know, but doesn’t that make it exciting?”

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He bit his lip before moving in to kiss me again, his hands gripping my waist. I moaned as he slid his hands beneath my dress and grasped my bare skin. He then slid his hands down to the back of my thighs and proceeded to lift me up, my legs going around his waist as he carried me over to the couch, setting me down. I leaned back against the couch

Koomson’s hands slid up and down my thighs as we continued to make out. His fingers teased me, snapping the band of my panties against my skin. My hands left his cheeks to tug on his belt but he then grabbed my hands in his and held them above my head, his lips moving to my neck again. His kisses slowed down as we tried to catch our breath, Koomson’s hand still caressing my skin.

He moved back and I reached up to wipe the lipstick off his face.


I giggled and he shook his head before fixing the lipstick smeared around my mouth.

“Give me a few minutes to calm down.”

He said and I laughed at this. He dipped his head and took one nipple into his mouth. A soft gasp left my lips at the warmness of his tongue, the way his mouth knew exactly how to move to cause me to moan and writhe around some more. After taking the other nipple into his mouth, he blazed a path down my stomach with his lips. I watched his black head of hair move farther and farther away from the grip of my hand.

He placed a kiss above my pelvis and looked up at me. The pleasure was feeling was almost unbearable. I closed my eyes and whimpered, “Please.”

“Now tell me what you want,” he demanded. I pretended not to have heard him.

He asked again in a commanding but silky voice, “tell me what you WANT!

“I wan….I want…..”

He pulled my clit into his mouth, rolled it around on his tongue, causing me to moan out “Oh, God” repeatedly.

I clawed at the couch, thrashing my head around, sobbing out “Yes…please…more…”

He obliged and plunged his tongue inside of me. My breath hitched in my throat and my mouth moaning “Koomson…” over and over again. He resumed lapping me furiously and my body shook viciously as I felt it coming.

“Oh my God,” I moaned. “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God !”

The cumg hit me like a ton of bricks. I screamed and moaned and groaned and writhed and trembled and whimpered and fought to catch my breath. He snaked his way up to my mouth and covered it with his. He kissed me again.

“I’ll be back for you,”He said.

That’s all for today Diary. Until tomorrow.

Yours, Amiwaa.

Written by Abena Magis

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