Dear Auntie Abena- She Cursed Me After Agreeing to be My Mistress


Hope this finds you in good health.

I deceived this lady some 10 years ago. I was already married but I told her that I wanted to marry her. She agreed and we started dating. I was in one town and my wife was then in another. For all the time I stayed in that town, my wife only visited twice so I needed a companion.

The lady wasn’t a virgin and we had sex several times. She moved in to live with me and told her parents about us. We used to fuck ourselves after close of work and on weekends. Over time, my wife found out about us. I was with her one weekend when she called this lady. She warned her to leave her husband alone.

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When I arrived Monday morning I was shocked to find this lady had not eaten the whole of the weekend. She was sitting on the floor in my room and shaking violently. The only question she asked me was if I was married. I said no option to lie and said “yes.” She packed her things nd left. I felt so bad that I had lied to her. She refused to pick my calls after the incident. I had just wanted to apologize but she’ll have none of it.

About 3 weeks later, she called and said she wanted to see me. I went to meet her. She told me that she had been thinking about the whole issue and had come to one conclusion. We should continue the affair since she can’t live without me in her life. She’d said she’d really fallen in love with me from the beginning and even wanted us to have children without the knowledge of my wife.

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For this round 2 of the relationship, the love was super. We stayed and lived happily together until she found a job in another town and left. That was when I decided that I had to free her to settle down with another man. I didn’t want to destroy her young future. Thus, the relationship ended naturally.

She also confessed that if she gets married and I want to have sex I should call her, she’ll come. I became frightened. Years after this, she’s unable to settle down with any man and she’s blaming me for this. 2 years ago she cursed me and said it’ll never be well with me. Now I know I deceived her in the beginning but she came back to me on her own volition. Audience do I deserve to be cursed?

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Some side chicks can be a pain in the flesh,am glad karma visited her,as for the man, you deserve even more than a curse for breaking the heart of your innocent sure her prayers worked.

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