I Had an Affair with My Boyfriend’s Friend


Good evening. I hope all is well. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. As a medical doctor, his  emergency calls to work and night shifts are normal to me.

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My problem is, I came home very late last night, knowing how he hates to be disturbed with either light or sound when he is sleeping. I walked quietly to the bedroom, went straight to the bathroom to take a shower and joined him in bed.

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As usual and as naughty as I have always been, I initiated lovemaking but I realized that his kisses this time was different. His touch too was different. He took boobs sucking to another level and when he went down on me it was mind blowing. I begged him to enter because he was killing the hell out of me. When he finally entered, I felt his heavy, strong and long distin was burning like fire inside me and his skills and moves was heavenly. He was a silent rider that night

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Auntie Abena, I quietly asked myself if my boyfriend had tried a new brand of any aphrodisiac given to him by a pharmaceutical company (this is normal to his profession because his distin is kind of small kakra). Whiles I was enjoying him I  kept thanking God for such a great romantic transformation. He took his usual 1 round to a 4th round for the first time. I was indeed exhausted and slept off deeply.

A sharp knock on my door woke me up. I didn’t see my boyfriend by my side on the bed which was unusual because I usually wake up before he does. I rushed to see who was at my door. Lo and behold, it was my boyfriend all dressed up and back from his night shift! He asked me what I was doing at home in the morning and asked if his friend was gone. I got confused and pretended I didn’t hear what he said so he repeated himself. I said I didn’t see any friend when I got home last night.

He was surprised too because he said he sent me a text to tell me his friend was going to sleep over. He himself had an emergency call to the hospital so he will be back in the morning.

Ladies and gentlemen, all I could say was, “I didn’t see the text and your friend wasn’t here.”

I then realized I have been chopped falaaaaaa by my boyfriend’s friend.

The issue now is that, I’m thinking of asking for the name and number of this friend of his so that I can go and have a repeat of what happened to me last night. How do I go about this? I need help. Any advice? Auntie Abena, please alert me when you post

Written by Abena Magis

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    • Thank you for that reply…
      Even though the boyfriend doesn’t like light and sound, how did she find her way to the bedroom and bathroom without light, even had a bath.
      The water splash nko? So it didn’t disturb the boyfriend. Some girls can lie sha.

      She should continue hoeing

  1. What do you want from us? To give you a clue in how to get his number and go fuck again? I thought you were even going to let him keep it as a secret to save your marriage.
    Thunder fire if you go there for a repeat

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