Daddy Says No


I’m a great fan of yours and I really love you. I have a lil problem and would be glad if you give me an advise to keep me going.

I’ve been dating a very decent guy for quite a while now and we are so much into each other. I feel complete with him and so does he. He’s been coming to my house more often. My parents seemed to like him so I wasn’t worried about that. His family likes me too and it’s such a wonderful thing. Recently he came to inform me my parents that he would like to take me to meet his family and know where he stays as well. My dad told him to come back in a week time for his say on this.

Just yesterday, my dad called me saying he has something to discuss with me. In summary, he said he’s been praying about my relationship with the guy and his spirit tells him I’m heading into the wrong direction. That he is seeing things from afar which wouldn’t be of help to me if I end up marrying the guy so I should break up ???? with him, pray and wait.

I asked for his reasons but he said he will spill it out to me later and I will understand him but Sis Abena, this guy has been so wonderful to me and I can’t stand watching him go. Please help me because I know you can. God bless you ????

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Written by Abena Magis

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