Dad Loves Another Woman and it’s Mum’s Fault


Good morning. Please I’m a silent reader on your page but this time around, I need the help of your followers

I’m my dad’s best friend because he tells me everything that goes on his life. I find it strange and sometimes wonder what’s going on between him and my mum because he shares all his secret with me. In fact, I know everything about him.

I believe in the saying that “men cheat” but sometimes I think their wives (some though) are the cause

My dad one day left his phone home home and his way to work. Mum doesn’t know his password and didn’t bother to take it. I knew his password (best friend things) so I entered his password. The devil pushed me to his watzup because I had suspected him for some time of cheating on mum.

Auntie Abena lol and behold, my dad is seriously in love with a married woman ????????????. He promised her that he will do everything for her but God being so good she rejected him.

There was this day, my dad wore a very nice dress to work. He was sharply dressed that day but mum did not say anything when she saw him. He got to work and the lady really praised him. Since then, daddy wears that particular attire every Tuesday. He even wanted to take her from her husband but because of that she told him not to ever come closer to her.

Daddy fell sick because she didn’t want anything to do with him again. It’s one sided I know but here is seriously in love with someone’s wife and I blame my mum for that. She acts as if she doesn’t love him anymore. Even my girlfriend will not do that auntie.

Now the issue is in one of their chats, my dad said he wants to continue his life with her and even promised to introduce her to me as a step son????????????. I have never seen it before.

She has told daddy she will not and can never cheat on her husband. This is what he doesn’t want to understand and keeps begging her to consider a secret relationship. He is very rich and can do everything the lady wants if she agrees to it but she’s refusing him

Auntie Abena it’s so clear that my dad loves this married woman more than my mum. It’s really hurting me. I think sometimes he wants to hear sweet words from mummy but she doesn’t do it. This married woman does so he’s even told her he needs a baby from her ????????????

As for beauty and form the lady has it paa. With how my dad is going about this, the lady’s faithfulness to her husband is what has saved my mum. If not she would have snatched dad long ago

I don’t know how to tell mummy to learn how to do the things daddy likes best. Neither do I know how to confront him too. I sometimes want to call her and plead with her to take my mum as a friend and show her some of the things she knows my daddy likes to hear and which makes him happy

My dad is so sad right now because I think he went to hold her in some way bi and she warned him. He is about 15 years older than her but she knowshow to handle and make him happy. He’s always happy after seeing or talking to her. Please help me on what to do

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Written by Abena Magis

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