Cheating But Expecting to Be Trusted


Good day. I’m a lady and I want to ask my fellow ladies here something: What at all on this earth will make a lady cheat on a good guy that she claims to loves and still expect him to trust her?

You see sometimes we ladies create avenues for guys that we love to leave us. We always tend to blame and shame guys that, “all guys are not good.” But on a second-thought, are they all the same?

A friend is messing herself eerr that I feel her plan is to dump her guy when she gets what she is looking for. She has been caught cheating twice on him but is still secretly doing the same thing repeatedly and pretending like nothing is going on. As a good friend I have adviced her on countless of occasions but she still seems to have her own plan. I fear she’ll soon face a big embarrassment and disgrace.

And I want to ask my fellow ladies here, what will make you go to this extent? What is your guy not doing that you want him to do? Why don’t you sit him down and tell him instead of doing this to him?

Let’s call a spade a spade, there are 100% faithful and humble guys out there. I know what I have and know what I’m saying. They don’t deserve such things ooo. Ladies let’s be careful how we treat some guys. The most annoying thing is you are cheating and you want him to trust you for that you.

Are you serious!!! It’s a big shame.Well let’s be careful of what you do to others because we will reap what we sow.Know that karma is a bitch. Ladies be careful! Thanks

Written by Abena Magis

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