Cheaters – She Doesn’t Want Me to Date Again


I want to add mine to the the cheating stories

Mine was very similar.

When I met this lady in the early part of 2017, I asked her what she wanted to do and she told me that she had no plans of furthering her education. After she completed SHS in 2012 she tried writing remedial on several occasions but couldn’t make it. She virtually gave up in life but I said no, there must be a way out.

At that time, I was doing My masters so I said my woman should also at least hold a first degree.

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First, I looked for a job for her to enable her have financial independence and self-confidence, though I was still taking care of her. I then went through thick and thin to gain admission for her in one of the private universities and paid the fees for the first semester. I paid more than half of the second semester fees before the Covid break and that was when I realized that she was cheating with one of the Lecturers.

A Lecturer who is married with kids ooooo. When the thing started and I asked her, she denied it flat. At first, when she was making a call and I call, she either picks and tells me to call back because she was speaking with so so and so or she would cut the call and talk with me.

However, things changed drastically when I realized my lady could be on call for over one hour whiles mine would be on call waiting. We knew each other’s password on our phones so one day I checked to know who at all she has been speaking with and I realized it’s her lecturer. A 45-year-old man, married with three kids chasing this young lady of 28.

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When I confronted her, she said it’s her lecturer and he has been checking on her to see if she was learning. And you can talk for over one hour? One day I checked her call log, the man called at 10:45pm and they spoke for over 1 hour. He then called back again and they spoke for another 45 minutes. Then he called back so after the call it was almost 2am. Still just checking on you?

I then took the man’s number to speak with him. He confirmed to me that indeed he expressed interest in my lady but she said she didn’t have a boyfriend. That her parents too don’t have money to take care of her so she was taking care of herself so if he could take of her, she would accept him. This is a lady I do virtually everything for oooooo.

She now said the man wanted to marry her because his wife was giving him problem. So, I asked her a lot of questions here (any question you can imagine). So, she forced the man to come and see her parents. Because of the support he promised, they also agreed to allow their daughter to follow a married man and fight with the existing wife and take over the man.

At first, I didn’t want her to leave me because of the love I had for her. But she would be with me throughout the week and travel with the man to spend the weekend in a hotel. It continued to a point where I realized I was disrespecting and fooling myself. I withdrew from the race.

In fact, she insulted me and said a lot of things about me which I never knew. I took them cool and moved on. Anytime she sees me with any lady then she gets angry. She doesn’t want me to be with anyone else and will try to come between the two of us. You see how wicked some humans can be?

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. So opana,u mean u left her to enjoy her happiness freely and wen u want to enjoy urs she’s coming between you and ur new bae and u don’t have anything to do ryt,ago beat human being ruf

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