Cheaters 2 – I Want Kofi Back


Good evening. My attention was drawn to a post on your platform by my (ex) boyfriend. I’m not a fan of Facebook so a friend informed me and when I confronted him, he confirmed it and even shared the story with me. It’s about he taking care of me to a private university and I ended up disappointing him and cheating with a lecturer and now I don’t want to see him with another lady.

Auntie Abena, those who have been in my situation before would understand me. It’s not that I dumped him, it’s rather unfortunate that things turned out this way. I would not stand anywhere in my life and say anything against this guy, let me call him Kofi. He has been my God on this earth. He found me a job and helped me to enter into a University out of love for me and I know he still loves me.

Now to the main issue, I entered into the university through his effort, (not only money but he actually worked everything for me because my Mathematics was not good so he tried everything possible and when all failed before he agreed on me going to the private university). My parents didn’t assist in any way. He advised me against cheating and relationship with lecturers on campus so I was very careful from the beginning.

Things however turned upside down when schools were closed down and we started online studies. There was this lecturer, let me call him Mr. D.K., who I knew was married with kids so I did not suspect him of coming to me with relationship issues. Due to the online studies I could call him for explanations on topics treated and he could also call me and explain things to me. Surprisingly, he one day asked me if I have a boyfriend and out of shock and fear, I said no. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my troubles.

This man started pestering me with proposals, telling me that his wife was giving him problems so they were on the verge of divorcing. It continued till my boyfriend, Kofi, got to know about our conversations and got angry and even went to the extent of fighting with Mr. D.K on phone. At this point I had to come in and apologize to Mr. D.K. because he is my lecturer and older than Kofi. Through the apology I had to sacrifice myself to appease this man. I thought this would end every thing but Mr D.K continued to worry me. He even came to my house to see my parents that he wanted to marry me.

In fact, my parents did not want to agree but he persuaded them that he was almost done with the divorce issues with his wife and added that he would take care of me through the school. The fact is that, my heart was still with Kofi but because of all these developments, he stopped taking care of me so I had no option than to accept whatever Mr. DK. would say.

The worst of it is that, I work with Kofi in the same company so I see him every day and if I see him with any lady, I feel like killing myself. Kofi seems to have moved on but I am still thinking about him. I can’t get him out of my mind. I sometimes pretend to be happy but within me, I’m just as a dead person. Sometimes I mention his pet name involuntarily when I’m with Mr. D.K but thankfully he doesn’t know that name for him. In fact I had no intention of dating Mr. DK because I still can’t find any piece of love in him but he is all over me so I can’t do anything.

After class every weekend, he brings me to work on Monday mornings and calls me every minute. I don’t know how I’m going to spend my entire life with him. I may surely end up cheating on him because since Kofi left me, I have never experienced orgasm with Mr. DK since June last year. I’m only pretending to be happy with him (DK) and praying for my Kofi to change his mind and come back for me. Yes, it’s true that his (DK) divorce case is almost done and he’s set to marry me but I’m only waiting to finish the school and put him at his right position. I know that I messed up from the beginning but I can’t allow that single mistake to haunt me for the rest of my life by marrying DK.

Even though I keep on assuring him of my love for him but the truth is I don’t love him and can’t love him. I’m only with him because he’s spending his money on me. Auntie Abena, so, please let your people understand that it’s not that I’m ungrateful, it’s just a mistake and I take full responsibility of everything. I had planned to resign so that I stopped seeing Kofi but fortunately and unfortunately, I was made a permanent staff before the problem started and now my salary has been doubled so I am unable to resign and go and look for another job.

My Kofi, please I still love you and pray that you will one day turn around to me and see that I am your Akos once again. I know that it would be very difficult for you to take me back and trust me but know that my love for you is unconditional and would never end and please stop hurting me with those girls. Sorry for the long post. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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