Can We Still Continue This Relationship?


Hello Aunty, please post this for me.

During the Easter break I visited my boyfriend and he took me home, I mean to see his family. So when we got there his family welcomed us and asked why we came. After everything was said, they asked where I come from and my guy came in with where I come from and the ethnic group I belong to.

Upon announcing that his mother’s mood changed and what came out from her mouth was, AND IS THAT WHERE YOU ARE GOING (ƐNA ƐHƆ NA WOOKƆ?). She started looking at me in a different way. All her happy mood vanished but she went ahead and said “w’aba a tenase”

So when we left there I was worried cos it looks as if I won’t be welcomed in the family. But my guy said I have nothing to worry about. Hmnn should I worry?
Cos I don’t want a situation where I will just waste my time.

Fast forward that evening I got my guy’s phone to transfer music to my phone tho it was locked but he has his password as my year of birth so I was able to unlock it. Immediately, I saw a pop up message on the phone and I read it. I have never gone through his messages. It’s something I wouldn’t do but the pop up message got me curious and I opened their chat to read. I realized my guy has someone he has been sleeping with. We are in a long distance relationship, Kumasi and Accra.

The lady he is doing that with knows about me. She knew I had come to visit him so in the chat the lady was asking when I would be leaving. He is someone I never thought he could do this to me. Always defending him here and there but he got the gut to see another woman. When I confronted him he admitted and apologized that it was a mistake and it’s true he had something with her but that was last year and they that they are no more.

My fear is that they are in the same workplace. She knowing my existence in my guy’s life, won’t that make anything possible to keep him to herself since they always see each other? Should I believe that they are no more?
Will be in the comment section.
Thank you.

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