Can She Infect Me with HIV


Good morning. Please I need expert opinion on this issue of mine. I met a lady around May this year. We became friends and later I proposed but she told me she would tell me something so that I decide to stay or go. I said ok but she said it will take a little time. I didn’t mind.

Later, she opened up and told me she is HIV positive. She has been on ARV after being diagnosed so we could have children without me and the baby being affected. It was the toughest decision ever for me to take but I accepted her for who she is but I told her I would want medical advice before we commit ourselves. I didn’t want us to start something we couldn’t finish.

I went with her to the hospital where she takes her drugs and we saw a doctor. The doctor confirmed that I will be fine but mentioned the issue of using a condom.
My question is how and for how long am I going to be using condoms when I’m married and how can I have babies?
It’s worrying and I need the advice of your good people especially men in my position.
Please hide my identity and keep me informed when posted.
Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I’m being in the same situation.Being friend with a lady with two kids.Her man is dead it’s suspected that he infected her.We have been friends for some few years now and later led to relationship thing.We do have fun with no sex but this lady want us to get married which I find it difficult to consider.So now she’s depressed for not accepting her wish.Hmm it’s so difficult

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