Can Legal Aid Help My Brother?


Hope you’re good?
My condolences to you too. Please there is this issue that I think will be educative if shared on your platform.
Keep me anonymous even though it’s not my story.

My husband’s brother is married but had two children from his previous relationship. The baby mama is a Voltarian and says my bro in law has to perform some rites to claim the children as his. She doesn’t allow the children to spend holidays with their dad. Note that: this man is the one who is single handedly financing the children.

Most times the lady in an attempt to say hurtful things to the man will be like, “the children aren’t yours until after the rites are done.” My bro in-law met with the lady’s family to ask for the procedure for the rites and he was given a list like an engagement list without the ring aspect. Me personally this is the first time I’m hearing of this (pardon me if I’m wrong).

Now my bro in-law thinks it will be good to pull out his support and gather the money to go and perform the rites even if it takes him years. So long as he can go and do the rites later in the future (the children will be at a great loss because their mum is a stay at home mom). My husband thinks his brother should ignore the rites for now and continue his responsibility to his children after all they were named at birth and bear their family name

My question is, are these rites more important than the upbringing of the kids?Pardon me for this suggestion but can he report this woman to Legal Aid for not allowing him be a part of the kids’ life like it should?
As for me I do not understand
Please ask your fans to share with us to tell us in their tribes how things like this are done or solved. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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