Boss’s Feedback – I’m a Maid I’m Not Comfortable With My Boss’s Games

I’m a Maid, I’m Not Comfortable With My Boss’s Games


Hello good morning. I am writing to you concerning an article you published on your page. The one about a girl who is having issues with her boss. My write up is lengthy but please bear with me.

Actually, I am the said boss. I would like to clarify some things. In the first place, she is not my maid. I took her in as a little sister. I don’t allow her to wash my plates after eating. Neither does she do laundry for me. My wife does everything. Even for cooking, she just support my wife when the need be. Now, the first time I came across her was on Facebook. I saw her under Ameyaw Debrah’s post pleading for help. I contacted her and arranged for her to meet my boss.


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Two weeks later, she called me one night telling me a weird story of how the one she was staying with has suddenly relocated without taking her along. She pleaded for a place to lay her head which I was reluctant. I didn’t give her any positive feedback so according to her, she slept outside that night. The next day, I felt bad I couldn’t help so I arranged for her to come and stay with us.

Since she came, I realised there are a lot of inconsistencies with the stories she has told me. Initially, she told me she doesn’t have any relative but I later found out she has some here. She then told me it wasn’t known to her earlier. There are more reasons I find it difficult to trust her. Anytime I try to get to know her relatives, she gives me a cold reception. I tried taking her to her old SHS to initiate a transfer process for her to continue her studies here but she kept giving me excuses so I gave up.

For her personality, she portrays a different life on social media. She doesn’t know I’m able to track her. I have given her the opportunity to leave my place and stay with an uncle I recently found out about but she refused to move there.

Now to the main issue. I don’t know her motive of writing to you. I usually play games with her because I want her to feel she is part of my family. We played games and I won. I was then to make a request. I told her I have 4 letter words and 3 letter words request. She was to choose one. She chose the 3 and I told her the 3 represented HUG and the 4 represented KISS. Remember, she chose 3 which is HUG. I didn’t even ask for the hug.

I laughed over it and told her to make sure she knows what’s she’s choosing next time to make a choice. We went to sleep. We’ve not talked about it since then. I opened Facebook only to realise she has sent this to you. I’m shocked by that because I feel she could have even discussed it with me. I want her to leave so that I help her with the support she needs for schooling wherever she is. I hope I’m doing the right thing.

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Written by Abena Magis

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