Body Shaming – My Legs are K


Auntie Abena, about the body shaming, it’s not easy oooooooo
Hmmmm I’m a very beautiful lady of 26 years old but my leg is “K” alanta (knock kneed) and this makes me look so down on myself. In fact when I hadn’t married, I never accepted any proposal because I was afraid the relationship wouldn’t last. In fact this made me to have low self esteem.

I’m a little bit brilliant especially in maths and most of my teachers liked me but I still had that self pity. Interestingly the first and only guy I accepted his proposal is now my husband. I liked me when he saw my picture and proposed to me but I never accepted him, not that I didn’t love him oooo but my greatest fear was how he’d feel after seeing that my leg is K.

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I jokingly told him and he said even if I’m crippled kora he will marry me. He loves me, he’s been open to me and his family too.but still I’m insecure because of my legs. He doesn’t hide anything from me but though he’s handsome, rich and caring I’m always not OK with him. In fact most of his friends are surprise about he and I being together.

At times I wish my legs are straight so I can wear trousers but………Sake of my K legs, I can’t stand in front of people nor try any leadership position. When I was in college, one of my tutors advised me to compete to become the school prefect but never, I felt very shy.

My husband likes wearing sneakers and short but I don’t. Eiiiii, my leg? My body stature is very nice except for my K leg. One day I heard one of my pupils in senior class saying madams leg is alanta and I didn’t go to that class again. Hmmm.

She’s been referred to a counselor

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Written by Abena Magis

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