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Bestie Wants to Do Overtaking


I am confused here. I have a girlfriend who always gives me excuses about everything. Even taking her on a date she would give excuses not to go. I have wanted to meet her family for about two years now but she keeps saying next year.

I love her very much. We’ve not been intimate before and I intend to keep it that way till marriage but her excuses about things that would take our relationship to the next step is too much. I got her a job offer, she didn’t take it seriously and it was given to another person.


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My Bestie Betrayed Me

I am friends with her best friend and this girl recently confessed her love for me. She checks up on me everyday, buys me gift and has offered to take me out on a date. She calls me all the time and even wants to visit my house but I don’t permit her because even the fact that I accepted her gift makes me feel like I’m cheating on my gf.

Anytime we talk and we laugh and tease each other deep down I wish it was my GF I was doing that with but she doesn’t have that time for me. She only texts when I text and when she calls it means she’s feeling sleepy and wants to sleep..Her best friend does everything I want in my woman and has even introduced me to her family as her friend.

Now she’s saying her friend is not serious when she has a good guy so she wants to take over..I also love my GF very much and it hurts me everyday. All the time I have to tell her what to do, even with that she puts up attitude and gives excuses. I have really been patient with her for 3 years now. I am just confused whether to go for her best friend or give her more time.

I love her so much that have never cheated on her. And I do my best not to flirt with her best friend despite the self put put. Please I need advice should I give her more time or consider her friend?

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Written by Abena Magis

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