Becoming Somebody’s Major Support

Are you somebody’s major support? Can you be relied on to be there for somebody?

We always love it when someone encourages us in every sphere of our lives.

A child wants parents who will tell him it’s ok when he’s hurt, as well as to guide and protect him.

A wife wants a husband who will help her keep the family and make the best out of the lives they’ve committed to build together.

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A husband wants a wife who will be his partner at home and be the anchor for him and his children. He would want to know that his wife is ready to support him in whatever he does and whichever decisions he makes with regards to the family and his business.

A boss wants employees who will help them achieve the vision of their company.
That is why they would want to first of all employ people they’re certain will work hard towards achieving this goal.


Employees want to be rewarded handsomely for their contribution to the success of the company.
They would work hard, knowing that if the company becomes successful it will reflect in their pockets.

Pastors and every individual on earth want something from each other and that is simply support.

That is what makes any family, business, church, government successful.

But while we are asking for it from others how have we been supporting each other?

Do you listen to your friend who has a problem and rather laugh at how they got into that problem?
A lot of people have been hurt by their friends laughing at their issues. Perhaps the friend had seen the humor of what had happened but the one suffering wouldn’t see the funny side of the issue.

Do you first blame someone who has done wrong before even bothering to check to see if they are really guilty? We do this to our children, wives, husbands, friends, even pastors without finding out the truth.
A lot of churches, marriages, businesses etc have collapsed because some people chose to blame without ensuring that they knew the whole truth.

What are the things you told that relative or friend of yours who desperately needed money and you didn’t have?

There are so many issues and so many circumstances we find ourselves in. But the question to ask is if you want someone to support you, then who are you supporting?

How do you support someone? By letting your presence be felt in their lives. Even if not materially but by always being within easy reach.

I had been through some challenges in life and most often than not, my closest family were always far from me. However, the power of the mobile phone made communicating easy so that even if they weren’t with me physically we could still get in touch anywhere and at anytime.

It was in those times that I realized something. And that is what I want to leave with you. Being someone’s major support is letting them know that you care about them. It’s never enough to just say you can or will help somebody, being physically there for them is more important.

So who calls you “my major support?”

Written by Abena Magis

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