Bad Experience – When the P Smells


I hope everything is great? I want to share my experience on girls who smell very bad down there. Shit ain’t no joke mhern. I’m sure for a newly married couple who never had sex, it’s gonna be very disappointing if the man gets to know his wife got this problem.

Okay so the story goes like this.

One afternoon, I was talking to this girl on phone when she told me she’s home alone doing nothing. I asked if she wanna make out and she was like yeah but she won’t come over to my place. I asked if I could come over to hers and she agreed. I got dressed up and picked two condoms hoping to hit it twice, abi you know?

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I got there and this girl was more than ready, bed laid with white sheets. She was almost naked but she wasn’t lying on the bed. She was sitting on a chair like 3 meters away from the bed. I went straight onto the bed ready for some action. I asked her to come over but she was being very reluctant. The dress she had on already made me hard down there and I didn’t want her to see it cuz I felt it’s gonna make me look childish

Fast forward, she joined me on the bed and I started kissing her and caressing her thighs. I wanted to slip my hands down there and finger her a lil bit but she blocked my hand. I went ahead to touch her breasts and started sucking on it. She started moaning slightly and from her reactions I could tell she was in the mood. I tried taking off her pants but she blocked my hand.

I thought she was feeling shy because that was our first time. See, getting her to take off her pants took like 8 minutes. She’s the big breast type so I was still playing with the boobies when I smelled a very strong odour in the room. Jeez! It smelled very very bad. Veerry bad that I can’t even describe it.

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I almost asked her what that smell was. When I realized it was her, I held back. I wanted to just get up and leave but I felt it would be too embarrassing. I was still kissing her thinking of what to do because there’s no way I was gonna hit that coochie even with a condom.

Then a plan popped up. I would try wearing the condom then, tell her it’s torn so we can’t do it. I brought out the condom, slipped my hand into my boxers only to realize my dick was no more even hard. Herh the smell over me chale. It was too bad. I am sure she was aware from the look of things so I pretended to be putting on the condom. When I told her its not fitting so we can’t do it, she told me she wanted it raw

I was like “be like you dey craze!” I told her I don’t have sex without a condom. I could tell she was bored but I didn’t even care. We talked for some time and I left the room. I never told her till date but I sent her a break up text. Please post and hide me she might be reading this.

Ladies need to really be clean down there because from my experience, no man will be glad to settle down with such a person and will even divorce her if he gets to know after marriage.

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Written by Abena Magis

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