Bad Experience – Borga Infected Me with Herpes


I want to share my story on how a borga infected me with herpes.

A friend introduced me to a friend of his who was living in Germany. Few months later, he came to Ghana so we agreed to meet. Luckily, he wasn’t staying far from where I lived but I worked from Mondays to Fridays, I decided to meet him on weekend.

3 weeks after our first meeting (he was spending just 4 weeks in Ghana), he asked me to pay him a visit in his house. I went and this guy started touching me. Meanwhile, I had stayed for 4 years without sex. Hmmm. One thing led to the other but before anything else, he switched off the light. Immediately, I suspected something fishy. I asked him to stop doing anything to me, I want to go home. He put on the lights and I saw some rashes on his dick.

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I told him to go to the hospital for check up. He went and every STL test was negative. The doctor even said it could just be a rash. I was convinced it was nothing so after he left back to Germany, we started dating seriously. He returned to Ghana a year later. Within a few days, he called me to pick up some items he bought for me. We met at his place and this guy forced himself on me and had sex with me. I was so angry that I refused to take the things and left.

3 months later, I had very itchy and painful rashes which refused to heal no matter the medications I took. I checked it at the hospital and the doctor said I had Genital herpes. That was my first time hearing of it. This was so scary that I requested for STI test but everything came out negative.

I read more about it and I got to know it’s an incurable STI that forms blisters and oozes pus. I contacted the guy about his infecting me with herpes. He swore heaven and earth that he knew nothing about it so I had to break up with him

That’s not even the main problem oh. My headache is that I can’t date anyone because I’m afraid I might infect the person. Recently, I fell in love with a guy but because of my health conditions I make excuses anytime he wants us to meet. I don’t know how to tell him. I’m so depressed.

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Written by Abena Magis

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