Auntie Abena – He Slept with My Sister


Good evening, I’m sure you are doing great????????.
There is this past issue of mine that I can’t forget about or overcome it. I need the help of your fans to understand this. Auntie Abena, how on Earth can a man be soo wicked and heartless that he will sleep with two sisters from the same parents?

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It all started somewhere 2006 or 2008. There was this guy in my neighborhood, let me call him Kwaku. We all attended the same church and lived in the same hood, so he became a family friend. Kwaku was very popular, nice and good to anyone he came across including kids sake of his status and the roles he played in church and the town. He was good that nobody would believe it if you said anything bad about him. But for those who knew him very very well, they would testify that he was a chronic womanizer. I knew everything about him too but I sometimes defended him even when I knew he was at fault.
Whenever he was performing in church, you’d think Jesus was coming at that very moment but a lady will never go Scott free when she gets closer to him. Any girl, he go chop falaaa. He would create a beautiful story in such a way that you would believe and fall for him.
I was in my teens when Kwaku became my friend. I used to wash his clothes, clean his room, fetch for water for him, etc to the extent that if you wanted to see or get help from him, I was the only way through to him. His girlfriend and baby mama had to come to me before they could get the key to his room.
He knew everyone in my family paa. Because I helped in so many ways, my sisters used to also help him in my absence by doing the same things for him. He was just a friend at that time but in 2015 Kwaku found ways and means of sleeping with me. I could make my mind up never to go to his house again but before I realize, I will end up there.
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I sometimes suspected him of sleeping with one of my sisters. I just refused to think deeply about it. I mean, he knew her to be my sister from the same parents so I thought he wouldn’t sleep with both of us. Little did I know my suspicions were true.
He ended up impregnating her in 2016 which is another story. Meaning he was sleeping with the both of us and would have slept with my younger sisters if the pregnancy issue hadn’t popped up.
I remember once seeing a red oil and a spray labeled “DO AS I SAY” in his bag when I was folding his clothes. It drew my attention to a scent I always smelled when he was at home but never felt it when I went into the room in his absence. Meaning all this while Kwaku had been using a charm on us? Thanks be to God, I got a job and stopped visiting him.
Auntie Abena, my problem is, since I found out he slept with my sister, it has really pained me and I can’t forget about it. I used to blame her for that so I wasn’t talking to her. She didn’t know why I was behaving that way towards her but I later realized it was all my fault. She wasn’t aware Kwaku had slept with me before her, because I didn’t tell her nor anyone what happened between him and I. There were no signs for anyone to get suspicious either. So Kwaku was the heartless one rather.
Please I want to forget this incident and move on but I can’t. I want the Manofans to help me out.
Because of how everything happened, I feel shy to open up to my parents or anybody around me. I fear people will laugh at me when they get to know about it.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I don’t even think you should tell anyone again about it. Just forgive yourself and forgive him too in your heart and just move on with your life. Besides it was a charm he used. Build a good relationship with your family especially your sister and then life continues

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