Are My Fears Physical, Spiritual or Irrational?


Good morning sister Abena.
There is this issue eating me up which I want you and your followers to help me with.
I am 29 and she is 28 and we have been in this relationship for about 5 years now. We have a beautiful daughter of 2 years. I am working in Accra and she is also working in the Northern region. The issue is that, sometimes I feel we may not get married or our marriage will collapse even if we do.

We have purchased everything and planning on the date for the marriage. My woman is good, lovely and supportive. I also love her and I don’t want to leave her too. To be honest, I sometimes fall out of love because of what is scaring me. Just yesterday, I went somewhere to pray and a woman told me how I feel about my relationship. She mentioned that I may not end up marrying or I may break up with my would be wife.

The woman told me we can pray about it and suggested we stay closer to each other. I have never cheated on her and I trust she won’t. This issue has been haunting me for over two years now. I don’t know if it is spiritual and may have implications on us in the future.

Written by East@Edito468

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