Are My Expectations as a Boyfriend Too Much?


It’s me again tonight and I have this issue I’m battling with and will like fans to help me out. I met my current girlfriend after coming from a very terrible relationship.

Before entering into the current relationship, I promised myself to give it all in the relationship, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I do give my all but it seems this lady doesn’t see or recognize or wants to replicate same. She’s been with me for a while (more than 5 good months) and I’ve realized that she’s more used to male friends than female friends.

She mostly receives calls from male friends each time. Hmm I was not okay with it and confronted her several times. She tells me they are just friends checking up on her. Hmm
I got to realize she was raised among 5 boys so I felt like it’s okay though not actually what I would have wanted.

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I do everything a normal boyfriend will do but I don’t see same in return. When she finally relocated, her calling died. I call mostly 90% of the time. When I don’t call, she mostly doesn’t. I’m becoming suspicious. She tells me she will later let me know her place but till now, no effort. I called her last night asking how she will receive anything I want to give to her for Valentine’s day. She replied I should keep it and she will get it later when she comes in the later month of February.

Why is she not prepared to let me know her place now?
Is she hiding something?
Hmm I’ve become suspicious because the way she carried herself in the past is making me doubt her fidelity.
Is it that I give too much and receive very little in return?
Are my expectations of her too much?
Am I demanding too much? Are there people out there who give it all yet don’t receive anything in return? Am I so selfish to expect at least 30% of the love I willingly give?

Is there anything I can do? Is something wrong with me psychologically? Am I expecting too much? Hmm. I’m broken inside because I love with my all but I don’t receive anything in return. I’m down.

Please I’m already hurt because I know what and what I have invested into the relationship. Please don’t post any derogatory comment you’ll never know how I’m hurting.

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Written by Abena Magis

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