Am I Wrong to Ask for Payment?


I was in a relationship with a 35 year old guy who got separated from his wife some years back. They both have a child together. I’m a teacher and so anytime the boy was coming to stay over with the dad, this man would ask me teach him at a fee.

I felt since we were in a relationship, whatever I did for his son shouldn’t involve payment. His son is also my son. Unfortunately, the relationship failed. He kept on ignoring me here and there so I decided to distance myself from him.

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Then one day he brought the boy to me for his lessons. I told him that since we’re no more dating him he should pay me for my service to the boy. He got angry and blocked me.
Auntie Abena have I said something wrong?

NB: these are what led to our break up. In the relationship, he said no calls only texting but when I text too blue ticks. He didn’t respect my tribe and talked to me anyhow. Whenever he was wrong he refused to apologize even when he knew what he had done was wrong. I was always the one saying sorry though I’d done nothing). That’s why I advised myself.

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Written by Abena Magis

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