Am I Too Old For Her?


I have a little problem and it concerns the lady I’m currently dating. We have dated for almost a year under, honestly, a lustful circumstances. Life has been pleasurable being with her but I’m worried about our age differences and want to know if I’m too old for her.

I am a man of 30 years and she is only 19 years of age but she is more experienced than me when it comes to indoor matters, if you get my meaning. She’s more experienced than even my exes aged 29 and above that I was once with. Honestly I even get scared sometimes.

Let me go straight to the point.

I have fallen so much in love with her and I know she feels the same about me but, my problem is our age difference. I am not really comfortable with it at all as this is my first time of dating someone younger.

Note: she acts matured though and is very supportive in sharing ideas. She’s very serious with business and tends to impress me with every investment we make. She is a serious entrepreneur like myself.

My question is:

-Is it advisable to go ahead and marry her ?

-Can the wide age difference have a negative impact on my life or hers along the line in our lives?

Any advice will be appreciated

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Written by Abena Magis

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