Am I the Only One Suffering Like This?


Some of us yayɛ mɔbɔ o. Yayɛ mɔbɔ sɛɛ. We’re really suffering. My father is alive paa but he said he won’t waste his money on my mother and me because she did juju on him, forced him to sack his wife and took over his properties. After his eyes cleared, he sacked her from his house and refused to take care of me because my mother was then cheating on him with someone else. He thought that man is my father but when you line me and my half sisters, no one will tell you we’re from the same father. Auntie Abena, I grew up hated by my mother’s family and my father’s family too.

When I was 12 years old, some family members told me where my father was living and I went to meet him, he sacked me from his house like a chicken. Then my mother went there to insult him and warn him to never come for me. That sealed my fate. Nobody from my father’s family wanted to see me or talk to him for me again because my mother wasn’t giving them face when she took over his properties.

I dropped out from school in JHS2. It took one of my mother’s plenty boyfriends who took me back to school when I was 15 years and I had to repeat JHS1. Fast forward, my mother cheated on him and he refused to take care of me. I was again in JHS2. Mom told him to take me as his girlfriend and still pay for my fees. I didn’t want to do it and she sacked me from home. I finally agreed and this man rented a place for me but when I got pregnant, my mother used that to convince me to let her come and stay with me because she couldn’t pay her rent.

This woman will abuse me but when the father of my child comes, she’ll be smiling with me. I didn’t talk because I really wanted to finish school. I gave birth and still continued with my schooling. A lot of people got shocked to see me with a baby because my tommy was flat throughout. Fast forward, I finished JHS and this man took the child who was then just 6 months. My mother went for the baby and he refused to take care of me again.

I was without any help so I left my baby with her and went to look for work. I was working for a young couple as their maid but the man started some behaviour. His wife saw it and told me she knows I’ve been preventing her husband from having anything to do with me but she can’t allow me to stay there. That very day, I got involved in an accident which affected my right leg. I went back to my mother and one day, I was bathing my boy when I heard some people fighting. I went to look and came back to meet my boy not there. We found him 2 hours later in the small well we use for water. Hmm.

Auntie Abena, to cut a long story short. I’ve been married for 3 years now with 2 kids and my husband has been cheating on me from day one. I have nowhere to go. Because of my knee, I can’t sit down for long and have to lie down for some time. This has affected my job chances. I have nowhere to go and nobody to run to. My mother doesn’t have. She tried to get my father’s forgiveness but he still drove her out. I don’t know what is called happiness. Killing myself is not an option but how do I continue to live like this? Auntie if there’s any advice please give it but if people want to insult me, they should consider what I’m going through. Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis

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