Am I Still a Virgin?


I’m 19 and he’s 26 years old. We got married this year January on my birthday. There’s something my husband has been doing or made me do which is bothering me. I want to know if I qualify to be called a virgin. I want advice from Manofans.

We’ve known each other since childhood and our families were aware of us. He popped the question last year and we got married this year.

Auntie Abena, I’ve heard of what happens during honeymoon and from your page have learned about what people do so I know my situation is strange. Auntie, my husband only kisses me and sucks my breast. After that, he’ll sit on the sofa and tell me to touch myself. He’ll musterbate until he cums. He’s never penetrated.

At first I felt very uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. He told me what to do and showed me some videos. I felt so embarrassed to be doing it in front of him but he kept urging me on. He’s bought different sex toys for me which I must say I’m getting addicted to. I use them even when he’s not there.

He’s been a good husband in all other areas except this and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Anytime I try, he’ll warn me to stop talking because he’s not interested. He nearly slapped me the last time I tried.

Is this something to tell his parents? Can I say the marriage had been consummated since he touches me but no penetration? Are there guys like him out there? Ladies married to such guys, what do you do? I want kids but am I still a virgin?

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I think he really loves you and doesn’t want to play u wicked. The problem may be that he’s got STDs which may be incurable like HIV/AIDS. So please thank God and save yourself first ie divorce and move away as quickly as you can before he changes his mind to hurt you and leave you although he loves you but he ll not take the cost after you also get it. I don’t actually comment, this is my first comment at here and I don’t even know what drive me to comment so please if you can take it, it will really help and save you as well.

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