Am I Really To Blame?


Hi Abena, please hide my identity. So I started chatting with a guy from UK but currently in Ghana for vacation. During our conversation he keeps asking me to visit him in Koforidua but I constantly reject to pay him a visit over. Meanwhile, I took a month leave from work which started last Thursday, which I used this opportunity to go be with my family in Kumasi.

So this guy in question insisted he wanted to see me even if I’ve gone to Kumasi so he’s coming over because this is his first time actually visiting Kumasi and I said ok. He left Koforidua on the Easter Sunday morning by driving alone. And I had to check up on him frequently( meaning every 30mins I have to call to find out where he has gotten to). Around 10am that very morning he called to tell me his car broke down because the car is over heated and that all the oil from the engine fell of, and he need to fix the car ASAP because where the car broke down is very dangerous. As at that moment, people helped him out by finding a mechanic to fix the car but the money on him was Ghc500 plus Barclays bank account check.

The mechanic couldn’t accept because he needed to buy those broken tools to fix the car and it cost Ghc1000 plus workmanship. At that moment I had only Ghc100 on my MOMO account because I needed money for nothing during this Easter holidays, so I denied not having any money on me so he had to stay in the car the whole night. The next morning, I wasn’t happy seeing him in that condition so sent him an amount of Ghc400 from my bank account to add it to what he’s having to fix his car.

Abena, after giving him Ghc400, he then called again telling me they’ve been able to fix faults and now it’s left with fill the oil to the car so I should sacrifice and send him almost Ghc500 again to fill the car’s oil. I told him NO because even his relatives in UK said they can’t help out coz it’s also a holiday over there and they can’t go to the bank for money. Moreover his own mom said she paid their bills not long ago in UK she can only help him out on this coming Thursday by sending him money to fix that car. Now he’s been calling to blame me that it’s my fault by putting him into that situation. NB: we only talk, haven’t seen him in person before

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