Am I Being Immature?


How proper or improper am I feeling?

I feel so resentful about my girlfriend of just 3 months because she recently vividly described the 4-year love escapade she experienced with her ex.

While she recounted what she referred to as “an unbeatable and unforgettable spree,” I played the I-am-happy-for-you audience to her spitting narrative, and quite childishly, she would continue so-excitedly.

In short, I now feel she has been “used” too much. I’ve not told her – only harbouring it, and that has made me so resentful of her.

A part of my conscience tells me that much as I am not a virgin myself, my feeling of resentment is unjustified. But the “hatred” keeps surging in me. I seem unable to subdue it, and want out of the relationship.

Perhaps she should have been discreet. Perhaps I am not quite emotionally mature or am I justified?

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Buddy, I understand how you feel but that was her past. We all have our past too: some a little rosy, others terrible. If she hasn’t done anything to you, then reconsider your decision, otherwise, you can call it quits but don’t let her get the impression that it was due to what she told you.

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