Am I Alone in My Feelings?


I thank God for laying on your heart to create a page where one can vent their frustration and receive opinions from your followers. I am male of 30 years and struggled to find someone who genuinely love me.

My first relationship was at age 27 which lasted for six months. A year later, I started talking to my friend’s ex girlfriend who have broken up with him two years before I started talking to her. Auntie Abena, next January will be two years since we started courting.

This year I have seen her less than ten times. She doesn’t know the area I stay. She has never arrange between us. The times I have met her, I went to look for her. Since June this year I have not seen her. One day, I put all my Sunday meetings on hold, I went to her house to see her and I was told she has gone to work. I went to the area she works because I didn’t know her workplace. Could you believe, I called her several times but she didn’t answer?

When I was leaving the place I called for the last time, she picked but didn’t tell me the exact place she works. I left in pains. Hmm, this incidence happened about two months ago. Last month, she called to inform me she has lost the “feelings” for the relationship. I have read some books on relationship so I shared some tips I have learnt. She never implemented what I told her.

I am writing to you to vent my emotions and solicit views from your followers on whether she will change if I give her more time. I have complied with all the Christians virtues on morality. Please no insults and help a fellow Christian brother.

Written by Abena Magis

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