Advice – Don’t Judge by Appearances


Something happened this evening which I thought I should share with your fans just so someone could tap some life lessons.

This evening, I passed by the washing bay to wash my car (middle car in the above picture). I must admit the place was busy and had few attendants so I parked at the washing lot, patiently waiting for any of the guys to attend to me.

About 10 minutes later, the car on the left in the picture came, in less than 2 minutes, I saw one of the workers washing it. In my mind, I thought perhaps they must have forgotten I was there earlier so it’s fine.

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Then a few minutes later, the SUV on the right came. Again, someone attended to the driver and they started washing the car.

By this time, I had started asking questions on mind. “Is it that my Volkswagen Passat 1998 has become invisible and I’m the only person that sees it or they have just ignored it because it doesn’t look fancy?”????

Brothers and Sisters, a Toyota Land Cruiser joined the queue and the next available worker attended to it. This time, I was totally convinced that my car was being underestimated by it looks and not the person driving it. The notion with these washing bay guys is “nicer cars give good tips” so obviously, I had been categorized under “low tip or no tip at all”.

I walked straight to the manager and questioned her about their operations. Her explanations made no sense, so I drove off, very frustrated.

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Monday is my soul day so I pay my dues to anybody I see vulnerable. Today, I was gonna do same, obviously for one of these attendants. It’s only GHC 8.00 when they wash the car but I was gonna give out GHC50.00 to the lucky attendant, yet, I was judged by the looks of my old car.

My father has left a philosophy for me which is very close to my heart. He says “never appear to be wealthy. It only generates envy, and that attracts the wrong kinda people. You also spend your life trying to keep up appearances when you live that way. It’s always best to be humble and live quietly. This does not mean you should not enjoy the trappings of success but success is not just the money side.”

Sometimes we should just do things because we have to, for treasures are mostly covered with dirt.

Written by Abena Magis

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