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I’m an ardent fan of your page and I also want to advise women taking loans for their husbands or boyfriends.

I worked with one of the financial institutions in the country. Most women who walked to our office mostly took loans for their partners.

At the initial stages, they wouldn’t want to open up about why they are taking the loans but if you probe further, they’ll finally say they are taking loans for their partners. We do our very best to advise them on taking the loans. Some do heed to the advice but for others, hmmm, they end up taking huge sum of monies.

A lot of the women do come back later on and complain bitterly that either their partners didn’t pay back the loans, travelled, broke up with them or got divorced. The look of regret and pain on the faces of the women is something else. Some women have even ended up in the psychiatric hospitals. Hmmm.

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Let me share my own experience too ????.

I used to date one guy who asked me to take a loan for him. He told me since I’m working in a financial institution, it would be easier. He told me he would pay monthly so I shouldn’t worry at all. He even said he would finish paying before the expected loan duration.

Eeeii Akua, so after all the bad experiences my fellow women have had, why would I end up making the same mistake? I didn’t say NO to this guy ooo ???????? because I thought I would sound rude. I knew he would say I don’t want the betterment for the both of us so I intentionally told him I have applied for the loan.

He would ask me how far with the loan and I will shedda tell him they are on it. Format nkoaaa????????????????. You have to play smart ooo. Weeks passed then a month and I kept telling him the loan application hadn’t gone through.

I later on told him it was rejected. ???? This guy bore ruff but does I care ????‍♀️. He later on took the loan from one of his male friends. He invested the money in a business and within a few months, it collapsed. So assuming I took the loan on his behalf, like I’ll be crying ???? till date.

My fellow women, just be cautious when taking loans for your husbands or boyfriends. Listen ???? to your instincts!!! It hasn’t ended well at all for most women. But there are some FEW GOOD MEN out there who would repay the loans ????☺️???? just remember to tread cautiously!!!!

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. What if it had ended well for this guy? What would have been your reaction? We individuals naturally find it difficult to pay debts and so certain times it’s the persons willingness and ability to pay that must be considered. My opinion though

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